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How to take notes and do diary writing - a FREE Course of a Notepad journaling system

How to take notes and do diary writing - a FREE Course of a Notepad journaling system

Discover how to take notes on your computer and organize them quickly and accurately into your information file. Use my insights from over 10 years of taking notes to create your own personal information file with quick navigation and crystal clear structure.

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How to Use the Paw Tag Method to Find the Right Insertion Points in Your Information File Quickly, and Create Visually Appealing Clues for Crystal Clear Navigation

by Martin Marsi

Published by Martin Marsi Communications

PDF Edition
Copyright 2014 by Martin Marsi

Chapter 1: The problems that come up with organizing your notes
1.1. Why I use the Notepad over Excel or Word
1.2. The problem with it is that it still gets cluttered 
1.3. Creating a Mixed Topic Notes Category 
1.4. Creating the Task Category
Chapter 2: Solving the navigation problem
2.1. Applying the Revolutionary idea to make the file's content interactive 
2.2. How to jump back to Clarity from the jungle of information
Chapter 3: Solving the clutter problem
3.1. Creating the Visual clues to orientate with crystal clarity
3.2. Adding the Up and Down Cues
Chapter 4: Creating the base template on your personal information system file
4.1. Example Base Template
Chapter 5: Example of the finished system in one file
5.1. Using complementary tags in addition to the main ones 
Chapter 6: The system I use today - customizing it a bit for my needs
6.1. Breaking my content up between two files
Final notes
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