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Man of Steel review 2013

Man of Steel (2013) - movie review 

(Spoiler free)

by Martin Marsi

Man of Steel review - Henry Cavill

After watching the third Chris Nolan's Batman movie the Dark Knight Rises, I found that he had Man of Steel put into his list of upcoming film projects. I was skeptical at first about his choice of doing this film - thinking how is he able to put realism into the superhero character of Superman in a way that he has made a trademark with his version of Batman. It seemed that Superman was a way high out there in the superhero food chain and bigger than life. On the other hand, I was interested to see what would Nolan come up with, as I have been a fan of his two later takes of Batman.

My excitement over the movie turned on when I saw the first trailer. What I liked immediately about the Man of Steel was the costume. It had realism built into it. The new fabric of the suit and having no red pants from old strongmen heritage was a refreshing modernization.

Henry Cavill was a likable guy for the role because he is definite a good looking man, has a chiseled jaw and an impressively built body as can be seen in the trailer. Surprisingly on the big screen there were scenes, where it really jumped in the eye how buffed up from the gym and training he was. He surely put in his hours preparing for his part in the movie. As he said, he wanted to do justice to the character by showing up in an appropriate physical condition.

It is great to see a pretty face on the screen, who seems to carry a certain air of being noble or having a sense of morality from his previous roles like the Tudors.

There were profound things that were said in the trailers that caught my ear, and surprisingly they did fit into the logic of the sequence of events in the movie.

Before going to see the film I really liked the theme music by Hans Zimmer. After coming out from the theater, it continued to play in my emotions upliftingly for over an hour.

There was a good amount of story line and juice in it that built up to the events, where the main action part started. All the effects were high quality, which was pleasing because this is what a film with that big of a budget should definitely deliver.

It was a whole movie - as it had the characters, emotional moments, great effects and interesting twists in events. I loved it.

As I came out of the cinema, I initially rated it in my mind 8.1 points out of 10, or up to 8.3. But later at home as I recollected the experience, I did not find anything really wrong with it, so I'd give it a definite 9-er. The acting work was just great because of the Academy Award caliber cast that portrayed the main characters.

I just may go and see it one more time because it was genuinely awesome!

Below are two of my favourite trailers that did not give too much away before going to see the movie. I even stopped myself from watching some of the trailers, which seemed to give away too much of the material that I wanted to keep as a surprise for myself in the cinema.

First - Man of Steel Official Trailer 3: 
Here is the good trailer with some profound words that gives you the overview of what this movie is about.

Check out this Man of Steel Trailer 3 on Youtube

Second - Man of Steel Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer

Here you can see more of the action and effects.

Check out this Man of Steel Official Nokia 
Exclusive Trailer on Youtube

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